Advanced Physical Therapy
& Ergonomics, Inc.

We will come to your facility and provide:

  • Education
    Brief safety inservice about ergonomics and safe lifting and healthy living.
  • Work Site Evaluations
    Look at worksite with clinical perspective with 20+ years of experience treating injured workers.
  • Medical Ergonomic Consultations
    Treat the root of an injured workers problem by seeing what s/he does at work verses just treating the symptoms. Will provide cost effective remedies.
  • Early Intervention Preventative Care and First Aid
    Don’t wait for the employee to have pain and need to see a Doctor making it an OSHA recordable injury – have client seek preventative care services to eliminate need for medical treatment.
  • New Hire Conditioning for Those Who Aren’t Ready
    If someone you want to hire isn’t ready to work, offer the worker a 30, 60, 90 day conditioning program.
  • Physical Therapy
    Licensed physical therapist treating your injured at work, eliminate travel time and be able to consult directly with the therapist.