Why Choose Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists are experts in the study of movement, who have specialized training in diagnosing and treating conditions that limit our ability to function normally and move freely. Physical Therapists use clinically proven methods to improve quality of life, often times reducing or eliminating the need for medication and surgery.
Physical Therapists are specialists skilled and educated specifically in proper rehabilitation Physical Therapists understand how muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments work together to create motion Physical Therapists have a unique understanding of how compensating for an injury can affect the body as a whole - and how to resolve these issues Physical Therapists are experts in exercise instruction as well as modification of exercise for specific conditions or sport-specific
Alternative to Surgery - Physical therapy can help put a stop to painful, expensive and invasive surgeries Prevent, avoid and delay surgery through a combination of exercise and manual techniques. Did you Know? If you do have to have surgery, doing Physical Therapy before hand can drastically reduce recovery time and facilitate a better outcome after surgery - People who participate in Pre-Surgical Rehab program’s regain function faster, and return to their daily lives faster than those who don’t.
Eliminate Pain without Medication -Physical therapy can help alleviate and manage pain - without the need for costly medications Did you Know? Medications offer temporary pain management and relief but do not treat the underlying causes of pain - Physical Therapy can find source of the problem and cure what is causing the pain.

Exercise prevents re-injury and further pain, and you can enhance chronic pain relief with natural endorphins from exercise!

**An article published in The Annuals of Internal Medicine (Jan. 2012) found that home exercise programs taught by Physical Therapists’ were more effective for treating neck pain than drugs.**

What to Expect at Your Appointment:

Physical Therapy treatment begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your specific injury or condition to determine the best course of treatment for your problem. This is done by taking a detailed medical history, discussing current and past problems and determining your goals, in addition to a meticulous neuromuscular and functional exam. Treatments Include: Manual Techniques - Joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, manipulation and massage Therapeutic Exercise/Activities - Improve motion and strength, relieve pain and improve function Modalities - Electrical stimulation, ultrasound, ice/heat to aid in speeding up recovery time & reducing pain Education to Maintain Results Through:
  • Injury Prevention Guidelines
  • Correct Posture to reduce injury and pain!
  • Appropriate exercises and correct way to do them!
  • How to perform Activities of Daily Living
  • How to protect joints and manage current injury
  • Self-management for current condition
Your therapist will check the effectiveness of your treatment plan at each session, and adapt your program accordingly to adjust for current needs and goals - giving your therapist feedback will help them to modify your treatment plan so that you get the maximum benefit at each session.